Sunday, April 22, 2007

Leaving Things is Just to Hard For Me

This is my last full day in Provo. That fact makes me pretty sad. But maybe if I remember correctly, I didn't really like many points of Provo life. There was that year of living on a floor of girls who wanted little to do with me overall. There was that slideshow I wasn't in that caused me to draw pissed off chalk art. There were all the names of my Relief Society sisters that I couldn't remember (and as a result a calling I didn't fulfill very well). Then there was the job I worked in that left food in my hair and none in my belly. There was the scooter that cost me more tears and money than anything else I've encountered. There were the wars at work over laserwar. There were the endless nights where my only friends were anime characters and Slurpees. Shouldn't I hate Provo?

I really can't because there were things that I really liked. I loved sitting on the street corner in my red chair. I really enjoyed watching Masters of the Universe, Flight of the Navigator, and all of the Star Wars and Star Trek movies. I liked reading His Dark Materials, The Once and Future King, and Tom Sawyer. I loved how my History of Psych and Western Lit classes made me think. I loved discovering Ben Folds, The Croutons, and Hem. I had the privilege of working with dozens of kids that I really cared about. I got my webcam and my Bradlamp. All of my best friends came to me in in this last year and a half. I learned how to love people. I got much closer to God.

So I have realized that I now have two towns that I call home. Provo and Cincinnatalie. Maybe at the end of the summer I'll consider Fairfield my hometown...maybe

Bye Bye Ms. American Pie

Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Fire Thief

I steal sometimes. Today I had to write two 8 paragraph, 3 paged papers in three hours for my Western Lit final. My favorite part about writing papers for that class is titling each one of them. I usually get them printed out five minutes before they're due, so I don't really have a long time to think about the title. Most of the time I'd be listening to music so I'd just title it according to the song I was listening to. It's really great working that way because the titles amusingly match up with the paper. So if you read a paper about poetry written during Stalin's regime that is entitled "A Spoonful Weighs a Ton" or one reflecting on the relationship between God and religion entitled "Theologians (Don't Know Nothing Bout My Soul)," chances are I wrote it. In that case, put down the paper and listen to the song instead.

Cherry Pie, Billy Boy

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Lawrence My Sleep Monster

It is now officially too late at night. Alma 3 and my bed are waiting for me. Problem is I can't get tired until 10 in the morning. I spend restless nights wishing I was asleep until they become restless mornings I wish I was asleep. At least I'm doing a lot better than last summer. That was ridiculous. Remember that Brad? That was why I became friends with the people I was friends with- they had no sleep schedule. Anyone with a normal sleep pattern never saw me. So me and Moses watched Full Metal Alchemist until 3 and me and Byron strolled around campus and Walmart. Johnita was surprised a few weeks ago to find out that my summer had been awful. I guess she didn't realize what I'd meant by "I miss you so much" and "Please visit me now or I'll shoot myself." The only thing I loathed more than the residue of MTC leftovers in my hair was the awful feeling I got after staying up all night watching trash. It was awful. I somehow managed to remove all sensation of life from myself without the use of an drugs. Oh no, wait. Sleeping pills might count. Sleep can be an awful enemy. I even gave my sleeping monster a name and a face. His name is Lawrence and he is almost all the way gone. But I have to once again shoo him away tonight. I cannot have him screwing with me right before school is over. There are only 12 days till my vacation and I need my beautiful sleep. If I could have some commitment to my studies, that would also be appreciated.

Banana Creme Pie