Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Lawrence My Sleep Monster

It is now officially too late at night. Alma 3 and my bed are waiting for me. Problem is I can't get tired until 10 in the morning. I spend restless nights wishing I was asleep until they become restless mornings I wish I was asleep. At least I'm doing a lot better than last summer. That was ridiculous. Remember that Brad? That was why I became friends with the people I was friends with- they had no sleep schedule. Anyone with a normal sleep pattern never saw me. So me and Moses watched Full Metal Alchemist until 3 and me and Byron strolled around campus and Walmart. Johnita was surprised a few weeks ago to find out that my summer had been awful. I guess she didn't realize what I'd meant by "I miss you so much" and "Please visit me now or I'll shoot myself." The only thing I loathed more than the residue of MTC leftovers in my hair was the awful feeling I got after staying up all night watching trash. It was awful. I somehow managed to remove all sensation of life from myself without the use of an drugs. Oh no, wait. Sleeping pills might count. Sleep can be an awful enemy. I even gave my sleeping monster a name and a face. His name is Lawrence and he is almost all the way gone. But I have to once again shoo him away tonight. I cannot have him screwing with me right before school is over. There are only 12 days till my vacation and I need my beautiful sleep. If I could have some commitment to my studies, that would also be appreciated.

Banana Creme Pie

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Brad said...

le copy cat, as they say in France. It's a good post though. Thought Johnita's misunderstanding was funny and described funnily