Monday, August 13, 2007

Everybody Here is Tired

So last night I was faced with a predicament. I had promised Clara to watch Back to the Future (or some other movie we watched as kids) but I had also promised Laura DeGraw to come over and play after church. So, to make everyone happy, we had a sleepover at my house. So, in my tiny bedroom, 6 girls had a slumber party.

There I was (at 20), entertaining my little sister Clara (15+), her best friend Sarah (15), and Sarah's little sisters: Jessica (12), Katie (9), and Laura (5). I guess that I also ended up entertaining Bradley Gentry.

It was lots of fun watching Back to the Future III, but Laura and Katie didn't seem to enjoy the lengthy process of making popcorn or the sourness of the Limeade (hand squeezed by Clara and me hours earlier). But the important thing was that I ingrained in the small children's minds that the second actress to play Jenifer is an awful actress and not very attractive.

Then Bradley played "I'm Going to the Moon" with us via the web cam. We only played two rounds, both of which seemed to last forever because the little ones couldn't guess what the big ones could, and the big people (really only Brad) couldn't guess Dora the Explorer. The game was interjected with me showing off my stuff on facebook and with Brad playing music for us. At about 1 we (I) decided it was time to sleep.

At about 3 am I fell asleep, phone to my ear, bum in hammock. Did I mention that my room is the hottest in the house? Remember how I said there were 6 girls in there? Laura was afraid of having an accident during the middle of the night while she slept with me. Well, I woke up at like 5, my torso wet, whilst a small girl was lying directly on top of me. After a few seconds I realized that I wasn't covered in pee, but in sweat.

I got no sleep.

I lied. I guess I had to have gotten sleep because I had a nightmare about taking Laura, and my little brother Than to Spamalot but having to go out in the lobby after the first act in order to comfort Laura. I probably dreamt this because a few hours before this she was crying her eyes out and so I spent a decent amount of time singing to her and promising her watermelon, at a time when I'm usually on the phone with Brad. Ha ha. Actually, I was still on the phone with Brad, but I never really got to a team conversation with him. Every time I payed him a compliment I would soon afterwards be interrupted by Katie or Laura saying something awesome to me. So Brad just listened to me whilst I played make believe and discussed number patterns.

So some time around 7 I realized that the two tiny ones were awake and would stay awake. I wanted to stay asleep, but Laura was rolling around on top of me. My first plan was to turn on a movie for them and go back to sleep, but just couldn't. It's like something inside of me said, "Natalie, you can't be lazy. Go cut some watermelon. Clean up the kitchen. Spend time with the girls."

So here I am, 8:09. We're watching Beauty and the Beast. I seem to know every single line. I am super tired. I feel gross I 'm so tired. BUT, I was called pretty about a thousand times, I was told I was a good watermelon cutter, Brad said he loved me for loving kids, and (my favorite) Laura told me she wanted to be the foxy first Jenifer, but not the ugly second one.

I'm guessing that this is like the easy version of having kids. It's funny, but you can tell that these girls have parents who love the computer because they know exactly how to have a conversation with someone writing a blog. Laura says she had fun spending the night. Her favorite part was when we were talking to Brad and she told him twice to "shush." My favorite part was when she asked Brad if he was my boyfriend and he said yes cause he is.

Anyways, we're all wearing your pajamas.

Ain't no lie, baby pie pie pie